Conquerors Software Technologies Private Limited is anchored around a fascinating story behind its establishment since 2009.

A swiftly grown young techie having 6+ years of experience, leading a high performing & risk-taking project team of more than 120 members, who were working for a top-notch of fortune 500 company had received a call for serving people and nations triggering his hidden entrepreneurial mindset. Although it was a tough decision to challenge himself by quitting the option of having secured life which is giving comfortable returns sufficing his family requirements, he took an assertive step forward to obey his calling and with the only belief in his Almighty.

He trusted that “you’ll reap what you sow”.

He soon began to sharpen his saw to become an entrepreneur and framed his mind into trizonal market assessments. Witnessing the past, highlighting the advantages & risk of entering the volatile market with prevailing conditions and visualizing the scope for future, he wisely drew a line to bridge the gap of people doing business who needed technology to grow with operational ease.

He strongly believed in the equation, “Innovation is a point where Human or Business Needs Meeting Technology”, which reaped him initial success to reach the break even and gradually stabilize the business and eventually grow from a one-man army to join the revolutionary thought process of more than 100 creative brains contributing to the mission in this journey of 10 years of business excellence.

Not to deviate from the calling, his business model always focused on a human-centric approach where he valued the customer needs and delivered qualitative and customized solutions and hence, Agility. Thereby, in order to grow, the business model also focused to develop and retain every possible relationship with clients over a greater stint of a decade and currently has a fastest grown network of more than 3850 clients and in over 146 countries. Now, we operate our business model by means of applying Design Thinking Principles to provide the utmost fulfillment to our clients.

“We are always looking ahead to stay on top of the latest design & technology.”

Samson Sudhakar P / Founder & CEO
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We are on a mission to impact and transform everyday business challenges of client base globally with root level software applications.
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We believe in what we do. When you find yourself about to make a decision on your next Mobile app, Web development project...


We MouseKraft Things with Passion.

Conquerors have hands on experience team in the following departments

• Custom Software Applications Development.
• Mobility – Hybrid and Native Applications.
• Web Applications Development like Rich Internet Applications, E-Commerce and CMS-Word Press
• Data Science and Machine Learning.
• Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Promotions.

Development 90%
Design 95%
Marketing 85%
Amazing Talents